We providing consultation service to Hlyan Paing Kwyal Co., Ltd for purchasing and supply services of construction material, Cobblestone (1844) kyin, Brick (153900) pcs, PVC pipe (213) pcs, Drum can (264) pcs, Concrete Hume pipe (104) pcs, Timber post (100) pcs, Iron sheet (10) pcs, Timber plates (200) pcs, Timber stakes (80) pcs starting from 25 March 2020 to 31 May 2020 during COVID -19 Pandemic period. We sent most of the stones from Moke Palin mines by truck and some from Yae mine by ship (a waterway) transit near Bayin Naung bridge (Hlaing Tharyar township’s bank).

Obstacles at Htein Pin Heap while delivering the construction materials

If the trailer is happening like that How to do, only push by excavator

If you can’t rent too much trailer for carrying stone or stone carry trailers’ transportation prices are too much expensive, you can do that
Stone carry trailers; Made in China & Made in Myanmar

How to adjust the trailer’s weight at weighbridge of Toll Gate in Myanmar?
If your trailer is overweight than limited weight about (30) tons, one gang coming to your trailer happily and climbing on your trailer. They throw the stones on to the ground until the weight is accepted and these stones are their stones. You can feel the donation to that gang.

Sometimes Stone mine sell not only stone but also earth & mud

Loading by machinery; unloading by manually (Labour)

Although buying size is 100 m x 150 mm; If the stone size is large like that, to adjust the size beat by hummer

Myanmar call “Hlaing Khaung” which means gap while laying the stone on the trailer.
It was saying that an elephant can sleep in this gap; how much is big?

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